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Praise for the Book

You won’t be able to put this book down!

If you are a woman who has ignored your intuition about a man and love, you must read this book. Haven’t you ever wanted to listen to all sides of the story when your man says it’s not his fault? Read this book and laugh, weep, stomp and cheer on some of the women in this story. Perhaps, you may see a little of yourself in them. It will propel you to listen to your inner voice and to understand the many nuances of the rollercoaster of love. 

– Kelly Kaur, Author and Lecturer

I read this in one sitting.

Wow. Just wow.  I literally could not put it down. There were times when I wanted to smack both of them—AND I have been there so many times myself! Excellent story!

Ashara Morris, Gestaltist, Animal Communicator, Author

Wow. The first line of the introduction sucked me right in.

WOW. This book has touched me on so many levels

… and prodded many of my sore points. I enjoyed the format; listening to each person’s voice shines a light on a whole new perspective. My attention was captured from page one.

– Annette Price, Certified Practitioner, EGC Method ™

This story draws you in, ...

just as Buck draws the horses in—mesmerizing, seductive. Who is going to live happily ever after?

Any survivor of an abusive relationship will quickly recognize the manipulation and gaslighting evident in the dialogues. Jocelyn’s honest and vulnerable story will help others find their way back to themselves, to the bedrock of what love really starts with: self-respect, accountability and trust.

I applaud her courage to share her story. I know without a doubt this will be a lifeline for others who struggle with the tangled web that make it so difficult to leave abusive relationships.

– Gail Sherley, Toastmasters District 42 President of the Year

As Buck Would Have It is a must-read...

for middle-aged women who find themselves in or are contemplating plunging into the dating scene. As women, we are conditioned to nurture and “tough it out”, therefore we often excuse bad behaviour. Jocelyn’s approach to tell this story from multiple viewpoints helps the reader see the red flags that we don’t always recognize when we’re in the trenches, especially when we’re vulnerable and hungry for love. I found the ending particularly poignant, realizing there is no shortage of women who willingly succumb to the dubious charms of the Bucks they meet.

Shelley Goldbeck, DTM, Thinker, Writer, Speaker

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